Does your child have poor reading skills? Children with poor reading skills will have problems becoming successful. “Andy Helps You Read” will improve your child’s chances of success by improving their reading skills. “Andy” is a complete reading program, not just one or two lessons, but 20 lessons. Each lesson presents new material and reinforces the previous lesson.

Let me introduce you to “Andy The Airplane” the mascot of the “Andy Helps You Read Program.” This program is now an amazing iPad app.

Check out our reviews:



“I found myself wishing this app had been around in the early days of teaching my little guy how to hold a pencil and reproduce lines that testers love so much.”



“All of the activities move at a good speed for beginning readers and are designed to help kids feel successful from the beginning.”



“Andy Helps You Read” is amazingly affordable! Four 5-lesson bundles for only $3.99 each.


Once you have completed lessons 1-5, you are eligible for the BEST BUY BUNDLE – Lessons 6-20 for $8.99 (a $3.00 Savings).

“Andy Helps You Read” contains 20 lessons which consist of exercises that help your child to improve reading by teaching them to focus, listen carefully, pay attention and to follow directions. In addition: sight word practice, improvement of visual imagery for better spelling and reading accuracy are included in this easy to use kid friendly program.

Special Features:

“Andy Helps You Read” contains 20 lessons. Each lesson consists of 3 parts:

 Part 1 – Word Practice:

 Part 2 – Flashing Practice:

 Part 3 – Reading Practice:

Word Practice Flashing Practice Reading Practice
Word Practice exercises contain 160 sight words for instant recognition, phonics and spelling. Flashing Practice consists of flashing a series of symbols, letters, numbers and words. The student can select the speed of the flash (kids usually select the fastest speed).  Each lesson contains a story which is read aloud. The words are highlighted as the story is read. The student can read along during or after the story. A quiz using the story sight words is included.

These are two tutorial videos  included with “Andy Helps You Read” to explain to Parents and Students about this amazing program:




Walt and Jordan“Andy Helps You Read” was created by Walt Waid and Jordan Price, teachers with over 45 years of experience working with problem readers. They received their degrees and teaching credentials from California State University at Long Beach and Fullerton California respectively.
For more information, please contact Jordan H. Price at info@andyhelpsyouread.com

Remember, this is a complete program of 20 lessons designed for elementary school students grades 1-6.     
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